Five Interesting Facts Joining Ezra Walian Into Almere City

August 30, 2017

Five Interesting Facts Joining Ezra Walian Into Almere City

Finally revealed also the future of Indonesia’s young star Ezra Walian which club he is heading. Is Almere City FC so the new port club former bomber Jong Ajax. Ezra himself obtained for free and contracted for two years at the club Jupiler League aka Eerste Divisie, the second level competition under the Dutch Eredivisie.

“In Ezra we got a promising player. With his high profile in Asia, he actually has a lot of options, but Almere City FC then becomes his choice to keep growing, “said Almere general manager John Bes, as stated on the club’s official website.

Almere also announced the joining of Ezra on the club’s Twitter account. Interestingly, in addition to Dutch, the club made the tagar in Indonesian # SelamatdatangEzra.Klub it attached a photo of Ezra shirt Indonesian national team.

Certainly the move of 19-year-old player was the fruit of lips since he had previously done a trial at West Ham U-21. But finally Almere City is the choice of his club in the 2017/2017 season.

Here we summarize the interesting facts of Ezra Walian’s move to Almere City

1. Ezra Is The Second Indonesian Player That Strengthens Almere City

The greatness of Stefano Lilipaly Bali United

The 19-year-old will be the second Indonesian player in Almere City after Stefano Lilipaly. Previously the star origin Bali United has been mecicipi atmosphere Almere City in 2012 until 2014. Along Almere City, Lilipaly accounted for 39 games and scored three goals.

Not only that there are also two players of Indonesian descent who also once strengthen the club. It is Gaston Salasiwa and Jeffrey Rijsdijk, a bloody Indonesian player currently in Almere City.

Salasiwa himself had played in Indonesia with a club named Bintang Medan who was then one of the members of the Premier League Indonesia.

While Rijsdijk who is the team captain. But until now there has been no news whether the two players have become citizens of Indonesia or not.

2. Inspired Tottenham Star

There is a figure of Vincent Janssen behind Ezra’s move to Almere City. The 10th national team wants to follow in the footsteps of the Tottenham Hotspur striker by making the Dutch Second Division club a stepping stone for his career ahead.

Almere is indeed the first club in Janssen’s professional career. He scored 32 goals and 12 assists in 74 games with Almere. Dutch striker continues to grow until eventually recruited by AZ Alkmaar in 2015 Tottenham Hotspur in 2016.

3. Not because of Money

Money is not solely the reason for Ezra’s move to Almere City. The main reason is the guarantee of more playing opportunities in this club.

Please note, before joining Almere, Ezra could get offers from Asian clubs, Dutch, English, Romanian, Greek, Norwegian, Belgian, Italian. In fact he was almost joined to West Ham and Bolton Wanderes.

According to Ezra Dutch Second Division club is giving guarantee to young players to play at the top level. Not only that they also provide very good development on the ability of young players like himself.

Indeed during the Jong Ajax, Ezra very few get a chance to play. He has only 1,039 minutes on the pitch and scored three goals plus one assists in the 2016-2017 season.

4. Ambition Bring Almere City Promotion to the Dutch Eredivisie

Last season Almere finished in the 8th position of the final standings of second caste Dutch League. This is their best record throughout history equal to the achievements of the previous year where they also finish in similar position.

Unfortunately in the two matches that have lived they slumped in position 16 of 20 teams with a one draw and once win. Ezra hopes his future can make the team’s quality increase as well as ambitious to bring this team promotion to the Dutch Eredevisie.

5. Ezra Walian Have Good Impact on Social Media

Almere City has an additional reason to recruit Ezra in addition to the ability of course. Ezra has a good market especially in Indonesia. This is seen from Instagramnya proving his fame in Indonesia with followers almost reached 200 thousand. The last photo of Ezra, for example, by wearing the Indonesian national team jerseys, got likes more than 82 thousand.

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