Failed to Win, Goalkeeper Apologize Sorry

October 10, 2017

Failed to Win, Goalkeeper Apologize Sorry

Persib Bandung goalkeeper, M. Natshir apologized after Persib back to achieve a draw for the fifth time in a row in the League 1 competition

According to him, all players have tried their best to win the match when meeting Barito Putera at the Stadium of Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, Monday (9/10/2017) which ended in a 0-0 draw.

“I represent my friends apologize for not getting three points for today but we have also tried to maximize our friends from the first minute to the last,” he said.

In the second half, Deden (call M. Natshir) felt no pressure. You see, Persib pressed Barito Putera kept from the first minute of the second half.

“It’s okay for the draw to be the best for us, but Insha Allah we fix this,” he said.

In the match, M. Natshir can be considered a hero of Persib because throughout the game managed to hold some golden opportunities created Rizky Pora Cs.

“Cleansheet is not Deden’s personal target, Deden’s person wants three points, so if the cleansheet is a bonus, Deden does not think of himself, Deden thinks the team is 3 points, but what can be done, thank God we should be grateful for this one point,” he explained.

This draw makes Persib in the standings of League 1 continues to decline to 11th rank or down one rank compared to last week.

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