Come to Makassar, Persib Without Dado and Maitimo

October 13, 2017

Come to Makassar, Persib Without Dado and Maitimo

Persib Bandung again had to lose the players pillars after midfielder Dedi “Dado” Kusnandar certainly absent due to knee injury.

Previously, Persib also forced to not reinforced his goal machine, Raphael Maitimo due to yellow card accumulation.

Team Persib doctors, Raffi Ghani, said, Dado groaned in pain at the knee at the end of the match Persib counter Barito Putera on Monday (9/10/2017) ago.

“Dado after treatment and given enough good medicine, only when tried in the field is still less comfortable to a certain movement.After counseling with the team coach, so finally baseball brought, we better prepare Dado for the next game than taken, the fear even long healed,” said Raffi, Thursday (12/10/2017) yesterday.

From the analysis, said Raffi, Dado had problems inside the left knee ligament after colliding with Barito players. Actually, Dado’s injury is not too bad, but it will be risky if forced to play.

“It’s only a few days ahead of the predictions (recovered) .If this is forced to risk to the next game, so while this is just rested, therapy and taking medicine,” he said.

In addition to Dado, young winger Febry Hariyadi was not visible in the last practice session Persib. Raffi said, Febri has a fever. However, he still brought to Makassar because his condition has improved.

“Febri baseball practice, yesterday back home exercise a little fever his body, continue he was given medicine.She said he was not as hot as yesterday, just still not good (body), so the rest let tomorrow better prepared.Ari Feb including the players brought. enggak follow Dado, Maitino, Imam, and Agung, “he said.

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