Come to Makassar, Persib Without Dado and Maitimo
Indonesia / October 13, 2017

Come to Makassar, Persib Without Dado and Maitimo Persib Bandung again had to lose the players pillars after midfielder Dedi “Dado” Kusnandar certainly absent due to knee injury. Previously, Persib also forced to not reinforced his goal machine, Raphael Maitimo due to yellow card accumulation. Team Persib doctors, Raffi Ghani, said, Dado groaned in pain at the knee at the end of the match Persib counter Barito Putera on Monday (9/10/2017) ago. “Dado after treatment and given enough good medicine, only when tried in the field is still less comfortable to a certain movement.After counseling with the team coach, so finally baseball brought, we better prepare Dado for the next game than taken, the fear even long healed,” said Raffi, Thursday (12/10/2017) yesterday. From the analysis, said Raffi, Dado had problems inside the left knee ligament after colliding with Barito players. Actually, Dado’s injury is not too bad, but it will be risky if forced to play. “It’s only a few days ahead of the predictions (recovered) .If this is forced to risk to the next game, so while this is just rested, therapy and taking medicine,” he said. In addition to Dado, young winger Febry Hariyadi was not visible…

Failed to Win, Goalkeeper Apologize Sorry
Indonesia / October 10, 2017

Failed to Win, Goalkeeper Apologize Sorry Persib Bandung goalkeeper, M. Natshir apologized after Persib back to achieve a draw for the fifth time in a row in the League 1 competition According to him, all players have tried their best to win the match when meeting Barito Putera at the Stadium of Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, Monday (9/10/2017) which ended in a 0-0 draw. “I represent my friends apologize for not getting three points for today but we have also tried to maximize our friends from the first minute to the last,” he said. In the second half, Deden (call M. Natshir) felt no pressure. You see, Persib pressed Barito Putera kept from the first minute of the second half. “It’s okay for the draw to be the best for us, but Insha Allah we fix this,” he said. In the match, M. Natshir can be considered a hero of Persib because throughout the game managed to hold some golden opportunities created Rizky Pora Cs. “Cleansheet is not Deden’s personal target, Deden’s person wants three points, so if the cleansheet is a bonus, Deden does not think of himself, Deden thinks the team is 3 points, but what…

Face Barito, Persib Point Three Points
Indonesia / October 5, 2017

Face Barito, Persib Point Three Points Victory became the target Persib Bandung host Barito Putera in the competition continued Liga 1 at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, Monday (09/10/2017). Four draws in a row to make Persib position stuck in the 10th position of League 1 standings even threaten the target management Maung Bandung is eyeing the top five positions. Persib Bandung defender, Wildansyah said it is not easy to get the most out of Barito Putera. A figure like Rizky Pora and T.A Musafri can be a threat of cancellation for bobotoh party. “Preparation as usual, because Barito is not a team that is easy to beat, we know the material itself is also good Barito players.” “We already know the first play (Barito’s strength), although at least there is the addition of players in the second round, which must be TA Mustafri and Rizki Pora at least I have learned their game they are good players and have speed,” he said in Bandung, Wednesday (4/10 / 2017). According to one way to smooth the squad Persib to victory, he studied the video game team care of Jacksen F. Tiago. “Now we are sophisticated right, we…

League Schedule 1, Live Event 26th September 2017
Indonesia / September 26, 2017

League Schedule 1, Live Event 26th September 2017 Three weekends 26 games League 1 2017 will be held Tuesday (26/09/2017) Agen Bola Sbobet. One of the exciting match to bring Sriwijaya FC with Persela Lamongan. Duel Sriwijaya against Persela will be held at 15.00 pm. TvOne plans to broadcast live this match. Both teams are just one step adrift in the league standings. Persela in 12th position with 30 points, while Sriwijaya at number 13 with 28 points. The two matches that will be held at night meet Persegres Gresik United counter Madura United and PS TNI against Mitra Kukar. Live Event Schedule: League 1 Logo An exciting match will be presented in the 21st week of League 1 between Barito Putera against Arema FC at the Stadium May 17, Wednesday (23/08/2017) evening. (liga- Live Event Schedule: 15.00 WIB: Sriwijaya vs Persela (live TvOne) 18:30 pm: Gresik United vs Madura United18.30 WIB: PS TNI vs. Mitra Kukar

Mission Bhayangkara FC Permalukan Persib in Harupat Starling
Indonesia / September 22, 2017

Mission Bhayangkara FC Permalukan Persib in Harupat Starling Bhayangkara FC is optimistic to steal points from Persib Bandung when the two meet at the Stadium Starling Harupat on Sunday (24/09/2017) in League 1 continued. Bhayangkara FC coach, Simon McMenemy boasted to beat Maung Bandung (Persib title). Moreover, at the first meeting, Bhayangkara FC managed a 2-0 win over Persib at the Patriot Stadium. “Persib we have defeated with a significant score.Another great team, Persipura, Sriwijaya, and Arema we have also beat,” Simon said in a release received Simon became more confident after Bhayangkara FC was unbeaten in the last three away games. They won 5-0 over Gresik United, defeated PS TNI 1-0, and beat Semen Padang 2-1. When totaled since the first round of League 1, Evan Dimas Darmono and his friends have recorded seven away wins away. “Winning in seven away games is a great achievement and keeps the players mentally awake, then we will be away to Persib cage why not win too,” he said.

Arema Terkela Persela
Indonesia / September 16, 2017

Arema Terkela Persela Arema FC earned full points after entertaining Persela Lamongan in the 24th week of League 1 2017. Team Singo Edan won two goals without reply at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (09/16/2017) night local time. An additional three points did not change the position of Arema in the rankings of seven standings with 34 points. While Persela still ranked 14th with 27 points. Game Arema counter Persela very special for Aji Santoso. Because, he previously trained Arema before retreating at the end of July. Aji subsequently received a proposal from Persela earlier this month as coach replacing Herry Kiswanto. Once the game begins, Arema immediately play attack. Through Adam Alis and Esteban Vizcarra, Joko Susilo concoction squad is trying to dismantle Persela back line. While Persela rely on the speed and agility of Samsul Arif and Eka Ramdani in launching a counterattack. In the 38th minute, Adam Alis hard kick can still be blocked goalkeeper Choirul Huda. The wild ball fell at the feet of Ahmad Alfarizi. He then released a cross into the penalty box headlong Vizcarra. However, Huda swiftly dismissed the ball. Cristian Gonzales then grabbed the ball and scored. However, the goal was disallowed by…

Find a Foreign Referee, PSSI Explore Some Countries
Indonesia / September 6, 2017

Find a Foreign Referee, PSSI Explore Some Countries PSSI is still looking for foreign referees from to lead the League 1 match. So far, the leading referee in League 1 came from Kyrgyzstan and Iran. “We have already explored several countries such as Japan, Korea and Australia,” said Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha at the press conference at PSSI office on Tuesday (5/9/2017). PSSI is preparing some foreign referees to lead a number of League 1 matches. In the first round, there are six referees who each came from Kyrgyzstan and Australia. Queen Tisha added, for the second round, it is also still looking for foreign referees to lead several matches. So far, Iran and Kyrgyzstan are the countries that donate referees. The referees are scheduled to start leading the game from 23rd week of League 1. “For this week there is no (foreign referees) first,” he said. The decision to use foreign referees came after many clubs complained to PSSI over the leadership of local referees. They feel that local courts are unfair in performing their duties.

SEA Games 2017, Andik Optimistic Indonesia Sabet Emas if Lewati Malaysia
Indonesia / August 24, 2017

SEA Games 2017, Andik Optimistic Indonesia Sabet Emas if Lewati Malaysia Andik Vermansah admitted proud of the success of the national team U-22 Indonesia qualify for the semifinals of the SEA Games in 2017 Situs Poker. He is optimistic that Luis Milla troops can win gold medal if passing through Malaysia. “As an Indonesian citizen, I am very proud of the national team entered the semifinals,” said Andik told Indonesia won the semifinals after beating Cambodia 2-0 in the final Group B match at the Shah Alam Stadium on Thursday (24/08/2017). Squad Garuda finish as runner-up by summarizing 11 points. Group winners belong to Thailand with 13 points after crushing Vietnam 3-0. In the semifinals, Indonesia will fight Malaysia which won Group A. Andik sure of Indonesia’s chances to win a gold medal. “If Indonesia’s semifinals can beat Malaysia I believe Indonesia can win,” said Selangor FA players. As long as the football team participated in the SEA Games, Indonesia only met one time against Malaysia in the semifinals. The incident occurred at the 2013 SEA Games which took place in Myanmar. In the match that took place at Zayarthiri Stadium, December 19, 2013, Indonesia and Malaysia drew 1-1….

Bomber Naturalization Join Skup U-22 National Team In Central Recent Exercise Jelang Sea Games 2017
Indonesia / August 3, 2017

Bomber Naturalization Join Skup U-22 National Team In Central Recent Exercise Jelang Sea Games 2017 Indonesia U-22 national team will again undergo training camp next week to prepare ahead of the 2017 Sea Games event. The plan to concentrate the exercise itself will be held at Pelita Harapan School Field, Karawaci from 5 August. Previously after following the Asian Cup Qualifying U-22, Garuda skuat reversed to their respective clubs. Even the 23 players are allowed to defend his club in the League 1. “Yes we will TC again in Karawaci, on 6 [August] get together. Coach Luis Milla and the team will also come on the 6th, the 7th start to practice, “said Endri during the inaugural SEA Games contest at Wisma Kemenpora, Jakarta, Wednesday (2/8). Ezra Walian will join the training camp The plan in the last concentration ahead of the Sea Games is likely will not change much related to the composition of players who will be called. Only one player is Ezra Walian who will join at once replace the role of Ahmad Nur Hardianto who is injured. In addition, there will be a re-scribal of the squad. Considering the 2017 Sea Games organizing committee only allows…

Duo Persib Can Battle After Playing Bad in Prime Game U-23 Asian Cup Qualifier
Indonesia / July 21, 2017

Duo Persib Can Battle After Playing Bad in Prime Game U-23 Asian Cup Qualifier Duo Persib Bandung, Gian Zola and Febri Hariyadi get a starter chance when U-22 national team meets Malaysia U-22 in the inaugural match of U-23 Asian Cup Qualification Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. Unfortunately not a good appearance they show just the opposite. Indonesia itself was forced to surrender 0-3. It made U-19 coach Budiman Yunus who also handled both players commented. According to Budiman, these two players are not the main cause of the national team lost but both play below the standard of their game. In the game that Zola always lose the duel with Malaysian midfield players so that in the second half was replaced by Evan Dimas. While Febri looks too monotonous so several times the movement is easily broken. “Yesterday I saw Zola, still under the best performance. What I know Zola’s contribution is not good, Febri is the same. Reasonable also if replaced. Especially when replaced Evan Dimas game Indonesia better. But I think the appearance of both can still be repaired again, “said Budiman encountered crew in Bekasi, Thursday (20/7). Furthermore, the former players of this Persib provide input for…