Arema Terkela Persela

September 16, 2017

Arema Terkela Persela

Arema FC earned full points after entertaining Persela Lamongan in the 24th week of League 1 2017. Team Singo Edan won two goals without reply at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (09/16/2017) night local time.

An additional three points did not change the position of Arema in the rankings of seven standings with 34 points. While Persela still ranked 14th with 27 points.

Game Arema counter Persela very special for Aji Santoso. Because, he previously trained Arema before retreating at the end of July. Aji subsequently received a proposal from Persela earlier this month as coach replacing Herry Kiswanto.

Once the game begins, Arema immediately play attack. Through Adam Alis and Esteban Vizcarra, Joko Susilo concoction squad is trying to dismantle Persela back line. While Persela rely on the speed and agility of Samsul Arif and Eka Ramdani in launching a counterattack.

In the 38th minute, Adam Alis hard kick can still be blocked goalkeeper Choirul Huda. The wild ball fell at the feet of Ahmad Alfarizi. He then released a cross into the penalty box headlong Vizcarra. However, Huda swiftly dismissed the ball. Cristian Gonzales then grabbed the ball and scored.

However, the goal was disallowed by the referee because the line judge has raised the flag Gonzales sign was in an offside position. Six minutes later, Gonzales got a chance. Unfortunately, his left foot kick still deviated thin on the right side of the goal.

Arema efforts finally led to a goal in the 45th minute + 2. Starting from a free kick Vizcarra, created chaos in front of goal Persela. Wild ball then struck by Syaiful Indra Cahya. Goal! Score 1-0 to Arema closed the first half.

Second round

In the second half, Arema did not relax the pressure. Dedi Santoso almost double the host advantage. Unfortunately, Dedi kick from close range can be pushed Huda.

Huda finally had to be back to conceded goal in the 67th minute. Vizcarra’s thin free-kick outside the penalty box went smoothly in the top left of the net. Arema winning 2-0.

In the remaining time, Arema continued to attempt to score additional goals. In minute 87, Gonzales again got a chance to score. However, the leg kick nicknamed El Loco was able ditepis goalkeeper Fediansyah, who replaced Huda in the 72nd minute. Until the fight is over, no additional goals are created.

Composition of players

Arema FC: 33 Dwi Kuswanto, 87 Ahmad Alfarizi, 90 Ahmet Atayew, 44 Arthur Cunha, 7 Beny Wahyudi (19 Ahmad Bustomi, 61), 4 Syaiful Indra Cahya, 12 Hendrosiswanto, 18 Adam Alis, 11 Esteban Vizcarra, 10 Cristian Gonzales, 27 Dedik Setiawan (41 Dendi Santoso, 43)

Persela Lamongan: 1 Choirul Huda (20 Fediansyah, 72), 36 Edy Gunawan, 64 Ramon Rodrigues, 5 Taufiq Kasrun (14 Ahmad Birrul, 63), 12 Zainal Haq, 30 Eky Taufik, 13 Great Muhammad, 7 Juan Revi (23 Aang Suparman, 54), 8 Eka Ramdani, 90 Jose Manuel barbosa, 9 Samsul Arif

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