3 Things Chelsea Should Do to Get Away From The Downturn

August 16, 2017

3 Things Chelsea Should Do to Get Away From The Downturn

Chelsea failed to start the Premier League 2017-18 with a victory. Facing the club medioker, Burnley, fleet Antonio Conte even cluck with a thin score 2-3 at Stamford Bridge. The Blues even have to play with nine players because Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas red carded referee.

Similar conditions also occurred two seasons ago when they lost to Swansea City in the Premier League opener. After the defeat, Chelsea also stumbled in the league and finish in 10th place in the final standings.

Former Liverpool player, Jamie Carragher knows very well the conditions experienced by Chelsea. For that he gave three suggestions that must be done The Blues to rise from adversity.

Panic Panic

Charragher asked Alvaro Morata and his friends not to panic in order to rise from adversity. Two seasons ago, Chelsea had panicked after losing to Swansea due to a series of less wearing events. To keep things from happening, they need to forget the moment two years ago.

“Chelsea must do the opposite of panic. When they played against Swansea two seasons ago in the opening match, there was an incident with the club doctors, Chelsea were then under pressure throughout the season, “Carragher told Sky Sports.

“I feel people are warming up. The story gets bigger and bigger until finally Jose Mourinho lost his job. They lost in one cage match, now they have to think calmly, “he explained.

Buy New Players

Carragher also advised Chelsea to take advantage of the moment of transfer market that live two weeks longer to bring in new players.

“They will play two matches until the transfer window closes. Antonio Conte needs to bring in players, they need to strengthen the squad, especially in the wing defender position, “he added.

Change Conte Communications

One more thing to note by Chelsea is the way Conte communicates with the media. During this Conte often give criticism to the management of Chelsea because not satisfied with the spending of players. It should be changed immediately so that the atmosphere within the club so conducive.

“They must stop this negative wave. The way Conte talks to the media, you know something is wrong. It must be stopped, “he continued.

“They have to remember this is only one defeat and they have to re-establish their heads. As Conte said, they do not want this season to run like Jose Mourinho’s season, “he said. (Source: Sky Sports)

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